Similarly to a select number of unique family brands, Shenk’s was established through the ideas of a man inspired to bring to life a combination of his unique tastes, special memories and moments with his family – in such a way that these experiences could be shared by anyone with a similar appreciation for good food and good company.

Born in 1963, Shenks indicated his preference for superior quality food from an early age. So the decision to make his recipes available to the world, is a very natural progression. In addition to this, his creativity has been much enhanced by his marriage to Mrs Shenks, who brought a greater sense of flavour to his life – as well as the inspiration for a host of new products with a distinctive Mediterranean bias.

He contends that the ever-increasing pace of modern living often results in spending less time with our families, but one area in which this situation can be remedied is around the dinner table. “And if we’re going to be sharing quality time, we may as well be sharing quality food” is a cornerstone of the Shenk’s Brand philosophy.

In addition, Shenks feels that two key ingredients should be part of every Shenk’s Product; firstly, that superior quality should really go without saying – and secondly, a little more understanding of the product often heightens our appreciation for its unique (and often unconventional) taste and character. The Shenk’s product range is growing steadily and currently features a wide range of fine sauces and condiments.

Shenk’s Foods are also the licensed South African importers and distributors of Woeber’s fancy mustards, speciality sauces and vinegars. Woeber’s is the United States’ leading manufacturer in this field and has been a family business since 1905, when it was founded by Carl Woeber in Springfield, Ohio. Click here to visit the Woeber’s website.

Besides bringing our growing range of products to more fine food stores near you, Shenk’s is committed to offering recipes and hints on how to add extra variety and flavour to every meal. So please feel welcome to visit our website frequently for the latest in fine foods and ideas from Shenk’s – the sauce of authority!

Looking for Special Ideas?

If you’re looking for specific ideas for a special occasion, you are most welcome to e-mail Shenks and we will reply with menu suggestions and the relevant recipes, as part of our service. Click here to contact us.

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Please let us have your comments, suggestions and compliments. And most importantly, if you have any complaints, we really want to be the first to know. We value our reputation for quality above all else, so in the unlikely event of one of our products not measuring up to our standards, please let us know right away. Click here to contact us.

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