Michael wrote on his Facebook that “if you haven’t tasted SHENKS you are depriving yourself” Chaya responded “I agree Shenks”                        
Your poppy seed dressing is the most amazing dressing I have tasted in a very long time.!!!               
Vanessa               Durban
"My wife is making me promise to bring back several bottles of the poppy seed dressing when I go to Jo'burg in a couple months. I better do as she says if I want a happy home life!"
Richard                 Israel
I was at a friends party and saw some of your products. I loved the products. Where can I get hold of these products.
Anesca                  Bethlehem South Africa
Shenk's Crushed Garlic the best I have ever tasted. I bought the garlic in Botswana whilst on holiday in December 08
Peter                      Amanzimtoti
We had friends over for supper on Wed night and as usual my wife made a wonderful Salad. That was truly complimented by the choice of your SO TASTY/DELICIOUS/MOUTHWATERING/TOOTHSOME (Were some of the comments around the table) Creamy Salad Dressing and Poppyseed Salad Dressing. Your cleverly designed Label also attracted comments from the arty types, that everybody thought they knew something about or had read about in magazines, obviously since the family had been around in the Sauce business since 1963. One of our lady guests actually had the audacity to place the Creamy Salad Dressing Bottle in her bag when she left. She has ruined the friendship.
Craig                       Pretoria
I really enjoyed the product
Rating: Wink
I thought the BBQ sauce was really great with a braai.  It was the best.
Rating: LOL


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